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While we will point out areas that need improvement in your apartments, we also highlight the strengths of what you offer. If we have reviewed your apartment complex and you've made significant changes, contact us and we will tour again so that we can provide the most accurate review of your apartments. Just click the link for managers below any expert review and let us know if you think we've gotten something wrong. We ultimately hope that you find the assessment we share with apartment finders on our site is a fair one.

Six tips to finding the best deals on rent

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Apartments in Orlando, FL. Apartments in Denver, CO. Apartments in Washington, DC. Apartments in Phoenix, AZ. Apartments in Dallas, TX. However, before you negotiate anything, you've got to decide what you're looking for in your rented space.

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Read on for six steps to help you find an apartment for the lowest possible rental rate. If you don't know what features are available in your area, try exploring the websites of online apartment locator services. You can search for apartments based simply on whether you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment or by other features. It's a great way to find out both what your pad will cost and what neighborhoods have the features you want.

You can get a great deal on an apartment with vaulted ceilings and an island kitchen, but the neighborhood may not be what you're looking for, or it's missing other things that topped your list of desired features.

Six tips to finding the best deals on rent - MarketWatch

Don't make the mistake of renting an apartment because it seems like a good deal according to someone else's needs but not a good deal based on your needs. Before you visit a property, call before visiting to get a quote on prices. Once you are on the property, the leasing agent may hope to wow you with features, but on the phone it's all about the numbers. Compare the figures you received from your locator with the number you gathered from online and local apartment locator services.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Search for an Apartment?

While virtual tours can be found on most apartment complexes' websites, there's no substitute for visiting a community in person. Websites will provide an idea of what the community and interior look like, and should be used as an initial screen. Walking around your potential new neighborhood and apartment will give you a better feel for the location, Also, don't limit the search to one property; visit at least two, so that you have a comparison.

During the very first step of the process of finding a fabulous new place to live that's also easy on your wallet, you developed a list of what features that are important to you in and around your new home. You should have also decided what you are willing to pay for them. Now that you have at least a couple different properties to choose, see if you still hold the same values. Adjust your list accordingly as to what each feature is worth before doing your final comparisons of cost versus home value.

Once you know what you want and what it will cost, sit down and think about your choices in the following two ways:. Knowing you have an actual value for what's important to you will enable you to make a decision on where you live based on your own needs instead of a community advertisement.